High Nucleotide Yeast Extracts makes cooking fun!
Nucleotides for Human Nutrition
High Nucleotide Yeast Hydrolysate
Creative Flavors with high nucleotide yeast extracts
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High Nucleotide YE dedicates to flavor creators!
The largest 5'-Nucleotide supplier in the world for human nutrition!
YE with rich taste profiles
High Nucleotide Yeast Hydrolysate
Mom says "Don't play with your food!"
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Product Inspection

For all materials involved in the formulation, will strictly follow customer specifications and inspection requirements; As for the mixed premix pack, will strictly follow the specifications and customer requirements for inspection, and to issue a report.

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Nucleotide nutrition package can be customized according to customer’s request, as small as a few 100g/unit packaging (such as bags), large to 25 kg/unit packaging (such as bags, barrels) can be achieved.

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Formula Confidentiality

Your formula is safe here.  Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech strictly follows customer specified request to our production, and all statistics, figures, and formulas are strictly protected.  (NDA/CDA will be arranged).

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Blending Operation

Strictly follows the operation and management of food cGMP norms.

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Blending Environment

The entire blending operation is held in Grade-D cleanroom or Class 100,000 which is built in line with the international standard and maintains a positive pressure at all time to prevent unfiltered air coming in.

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Blending Capacity

Zhen-Ao equipped with a variety of small to large dry blenders and we can fulfill most of the customer’s requests, such as 0.1M³, 0.8M³, 1.5 M³, 2.0 M³, and 3.0 M³ etc.

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Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech (ZABT) is the leading ribonucleic acid (RNA) manufacturer in the world. With more than 40 years of practical production experience and a rigorous and careful work ethic, we deliver some of the most reliable food ingredients/additives from yeast fermentation and cell extraction technology. ZABT is the only All-In-One manufacturer that integrates RNA, 5′-Nucleotides, and Yeast Extract at one location. Our products are trusted and recognized by customers around the globe, and successfully established an outstanding reputation in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare products, agricultural feed industry, and many other applications, and are in line with domestic and international standards and requirements, and is your most reassuring choice!

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Product Safety & Quality

Ensuring food safety and product quality is the most important part of our daily work and business operation, and this is a no-tolerance task that has been coded into our business gene and standard.

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Research & Development

Zhen-Ao has a team of top researchers and scientists in the fields of ribonucleic acid (RNA), nucleotides, protein, polypeptides, enzymes, and yeasts (baker’s yeast and torula yeast) studies, equipped with advanced experiment and inspection instruments.  Our goal is to get the most out of the yeast cell to promote human life and health.

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