Quality & Research

We specializes in yeast cell, enzyme, RNA extraction and mono-nucleotide research!


Ensuring food safety and product quality is the most important task of our entire business operation and activities, and this is an obligation that is dynamic and continuous. This principle of safety and quality is rooted deeply in the hearts of every Zhen-Ao staff, but also permeates all aspects of our production and business activities.

Welcome to jointly supervise the quality of our products and service:
For Supervision, please email us at quality@zabiotech.com or call us +86 (411) 8721-4966

Quality & Food safety guidelines

  • National Food Safety Permit: Received Chinese QS permits for all products
  • Quality Management System: ISO9001
  • Food Safety System: ISO22000 and FSSC22000
  • Environmental Quality Management System: ISO14001
  • Certifications: OU Kosher, Badatz Kosher, and Halal, and British Retail Consortium-BRC certification

Quality Inspection Center

  • Standards and Test Methods: are fully compliant with the US FCC (Food Chemicals Codex), Chinese GB standard, and EU regulations.
  • Testing and Lab Equipment: Equipped with international standard testing equipment, such as high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC, Gas chromatography GS, infrared spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectrometer, Karl Fischer moisture meter, Kjeldahl, UV spectrophotometer, precision scales,  and microbial limits testing room, etc.

Research Center

Staffed with the top research personnel in RNA, nucleotides, yeast, enzyme, and yeast cell studies, equipped with the most advanced experiment and testing instruments, Zhen-Ao enhances her own R&D level and product technical content through the newer technology, better processes, advanced equipment, research, and innovation know-how to improve our products.

Flavor Application Lab

In our application lab, Zhen-Ao focuses on developing more tasty and healthier solutions to food applications to turn theory into the real statistic conclusion.  Currently, we are working in many different directions such as, flavor enhancement, vegan meat alternatives, salt reduction, sugar reduction, fat reduction, bitterness masking, and KCL masking.

Research Platforms

  • High nucleic acid strain optimal screening platform;
  • Innovated nucleic acid production technology R&D platform;
  • Nucleotide production technology R&D platform;
  • High nucleotide yeast extract product development platform;
  • Nucleic acid downstream product development platform;
  • Nucleic acid-hydrolyzing enzymes R&D platform.