Environmental Awareness

It's everyone's obligation to keep up a sustainable environment.

Environmental Awareness

Waste Water Treatment System

Environment protection is an obligation to every individual on Earth, you just need to DO it. Water is so essential and irreplaceable. If our water was discharged without the treatment, it will result in irreparable waste. As a company, Zhen-Ao invests over USD 20 million to make sure the water we discharged is safe to the community. Loving and protecting our environment is a duty of every employee works at Zhen-Ao. WE CARE and it’s just a beginning!

Use of Biomass and Natural Gas Boilers

Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio Valley currently uses biomass and natural gas boilers to produce steam. Among them, biomass boilers use waste bio-waste to produce high-quality pellets and adopt the principle of transforming “waste” to “useful energy”. This is a more efficient environmental protection program for our environment, achieving the goal of zero emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and micro emissions on sulfides and nitride.

Burning natural gas basically does not produce carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, dissolved solids, or suspended particles in the air, which may be harmful to the health of humans and animals. The use of natural gas can significantly reduce the impact of corporate production activities on the environment. Relative to other fuels, the combustion of natural gas can be reduced:

  • About 45% of CO2 emissions (vs. coal combustion)
  • About 30% of CO2 emissions (vs. fuel)
  • About 15% of CO2 emissions (vs. fuelwood)

The Green Lifestyle Concept

In line with Zhen-Ao’s big environmental concept, Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech actively promotes the green lifestyle. This concept is implemented in each Zhen-Ao employee, and it’s our responsibility of greening our environment!

According to a preliminary statistics, Zhen-Ao plants about 400 trees each year in our factories and surrounding communities. Organic vegetable orchards are located in Zhen-Ao Bio Valley to promote healthy, pesticide-free eating habits. Welcome everyone to visit.