Obtain the yeast hydrolysate through a process of yeast fermentation, followed by enzymatic hydrolysis, concentration, and drying. This product is abundant in protein, polysaccharides, RNA, and other valuable substances. Use it in animal feed to enhance their immunity and reap its benefits as an excellent feed material.

The 3 core nutrients of yeast hydrolysate

1. Proteins

By participating in the maintenance of normal barrier function and boosting animal growth rate and slaughter meat weight, this supplement can effectively provide your animals with essential amino acids, peptides, and other necessary substances.

Great for almost all species of animals

2. Polysaccharides (MOS, β-glucan)

Adsorb harmful pathogenic microorganisms and mycotoxins, and enhance your body’s immune response with this solution.

3. RNA and Nucleotides

Nucleotides in yeast hydrolysate hold crucial nutritional benefits for animals, particularly young ones. Research highlights the abilities of nucleotides to boost immunity, drive cell regeneration and repair, support normal intestinal development, counteract oxidation, and preserve normal gut flora. Furthermore, inosinic acid and bird glycolic acid serve as potent umami and flavor enhancers, elevating animal feeding experiences.

RNA Structure

Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech offers a wide range of yeast hydrolysate products, including the highly nutritious ZNA12 yeast hydrolysate, with 11.5% or more nucleotides and abundant protein. This ingredient can effectively enhance the immunity of farmed animals when added to feed products.

As a high-quality protein feed ingredient, yeast hydrolysate boasts remarkable apparent digestible energy and apparent metabolic energy levels, outpacing those of fish meal and soybean meal. With a high protein digestion and utilization rate, yeast hydrolysate offers a true digestibility of crude protein at 89.71% and a true utilization rate of 69.53%. Furthermore, the yeast hydrolysate undergoes hydrolysis into easily digestible small peptides, dipeptides, and tripeptides.

Crude Protein, RNA, Nucleotide

Benefit from ZNA12’s high ribonucleic acid content of over 20.0% and nucleotide content exceeding 11.5%, outpacing other competitors’ equivalent products, which only contain 5.0-8.0% nucleotides. The naturally abundant mononucleotides in ZNA12 eliminate the need for the animal’s own hydrolysis process and allow for direct digestion and absorption, resulting in less loss and more efficiency. With nucleotide C and U of ZNA12 yeast hydrolysate exceeding 2.50% and A and G above 3.30%, you can trust in its quality and effectiveness.

RNA and nucleotides hold a crucial role in the growth of cultured animals. Supplementing with exogenous nucleotides can boost the development and growth of the small intestine and impact the intestinal microbial system. Additionally, nucleotides aid in regulating liver protein synthesis and preserving its normal function in animals. They also enhance animal immune function, scavenge free radicals, and offer anti-oxidative benefits. However, the nucleotide content in conventional feed is inadequate, requiring extra supplementation through yeast hydrolysate. The yeast nucleic acid digestion process in animals depends on the combined action of digestive tract nucleases, breaking down the ingested nucleic acid into single nucleotides through pancreatic nuclease catalysis, further reducing it to purine or pyrimidine bases, ribose-5′ phosphate, which enters the body’s metabolic process as illustrated in the figure.

Enzyme, RNA, and Nucleotide
how they interact together?

Yeast nucleotides blended in feed offer numerous benefits, including enhancing feeding stimulation through the strong umami taste of 5′-inosinic acid (IMP) and 5′-guanylic acid (GMP), equivalent to umami enhancers. Nucleotides A, G, C, and U play a crucial role in tissue development and system regulation for newly bred animals and ensure normal physiological functions in times of extreme stress such as growth, breeding, environmental challenges, disease resistance, and injury recovery. Additionally, exogenous addition of nucleotides supports the rapid proliferation of cells and the elongation of intestinal villi, leading to improved surface activity of the gastrointestinal tract and growth of beneficial bacteria. Furthermore, nucleotides promote the maturation of T cells in the immune system, resulting in a faster rise of IgG plasma levels and an enhanced immune response.

ZNA12 yeast hydrolysate can serve as an excellent new source of exogenous nucleotides for animal stress, rapid growth, and disease prevention, providing the necessary nucleotides for critical physiological functions in feed.

Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

As the only company in China that integrates the entire yeast fermentation supply chain, from upstream to downstream, Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech stands out with its mastery of continuous fermentation and ability to produce a range of yeast products with naturally high RNA content. Catering to the field of yeast feed and animal nutrition, we offer a vast selection of products, including food yeast powder, yeast hydrolysate, yeast extract, yeast cell wall, selenium yeast, and more. Customize our production to your needs with varying nucleotide content.