Sustainable Zhen-Ao

The continuous improved S.H.E. management

A social responsible company with S.H.E. management

Continuing the great love culture of Zhen-Ao Group, Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech uses CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as an important indicator for us to be a good company. Under such corporate standards, in the face of continuous changes and continuous progress in modern society, Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech is committed to business management, cell science research, nucleic acid/nucleotide research, environmental protection and a high standard of social and ethical standards. Bio-selection adopts SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) as the standard principle of all our activities, complies with the government’s laws and regulations on safety, health and environmental protection, and strictly enforces company rules and regulations to enable enterprises to achieve sustainable and sustainable development.

Safety Management

It is company’s obligation and employee’s awareness and proper trainings to ensure safety working environment.  Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech has formed a S.H.E. Group (together with our top managements to our first-tier frontline workers) to ensure we have a continuous improved working environment.

Health Management

Zero tolerance policy is placed to make sure to ensure the healthiness of Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech’s employees.  The company has protective measure based on different roles to protect our employee in various working stations.  

Biomass & Natural Gas Boilers

Environmental Management

Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech spent 15 years preparation and tens of thousands dollars working with Dalian Institute of Technology and together develop a BVRT system to treat our waste water efficiently to carry our production for at least another 50 years.