Sustainable Zhen-Ao

The continuous improved S.H.E. management

A social responsible company with S.H.E. management

Extending the Great Love culture of our mother Group, Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech values CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seriously, using it as an important indicator of evaluating our business operation and doing our best to give back to our community in depth.  Under such corporate principles,  Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech is committed to our business activities, and environmental protection, and defines business morality and ethical rules.   Setting SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) operational guidance as the standard of all our operations.  ZABT complies with the government’s laws and regulations on safety, health, and environmental protection, and strictly enforces company policies to enable enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

Safety Management

It is the company’s obligation to train our employees about safety awareness in the work environment.   ZABT set up the internal S.H.E. workgroup with members from the top management to all workshop supervisors to Vow to improve the safe workplace and reduce work-related injuries.

Work related Injury count in the last 365 days

Health Management

A zero-tolerance policy is placed to ensure the health of all employees by wearing all necessary safety gear.  Different positions in various working stations would have their own protective measures.   The annual complimentary health check is paid by the company as a benefit to all of our employees.

Biomass & Natural Gas Boilers

Environmental Management

Due to the nature of our business, bio-waste from fermentation has a condensed C.O.D.   Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech spent 15 years researching with the Dalian Institute of Technology and together developing a BVRT system.  The system successfully reduces the COD below 300 and we are able to discharge our wastewater to the city’s sewage system without any problem.

At ZABT, our system uses 2 types of steam boilers: Biomass and natural gas with ZERO CO2 emission.