Green Lifestyle -Zhen-Ao

We plant more trees!

The Zhen-Ao Group is actively working to create a greener and more sustainable environment, utilizing biotechnology in agriculture to develop proprietary nucleotide/RNA-based fertilizers as an alternative to harmful chemical fertilizers.

Furthermore, the group runs a comprehensive tree-planting program, with the goal of planting over 100 trees every year. These trees not only help to reduce air pollution, but also mitigate the effects of fly dust and noise, making the living environment much more pleasant. Studies show that planting trees on just one acre of land can absorb up to 60 tons of carbon dioxide annually, making the Zhen-Ao Group’s efforts even more impactful.

It is essential for companies to take such initiatives and play their part in creating a better future for our planet. The Zhen-Ao Group’s efforts serve as a shining example of how companies can contribute to environmental sustainability.