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Yeast Extracts

With the development of human society and material fulfillment, people increasingly pay more attention to food safety and quality. In terms of dietary consumption, we no longer just simply look for filling our stomachs but instead search for an all-around satisfaction such as mouth feel deliciousness, a delight and healthier diet with better nutrition value, and carefully choose what ingredients were used.

Human has a safety track record of using yeast in food and beverage for more than 4000 years.   Recently, yeast extracts have gradually become the mainstream flavor ingredient in the international food industry and today’s diet. Yeast extract is a common name for the extracted material from baker’s yeast, brewer’s yeast, torula yeast, or others, which is a nutritional versatile flavor agent and enhancer through the enzymatic reaction with yeast.  Yeast extract is a natural compound of many essential components to what our body needs, such as protein, peptides, amino acids, flavor nucleotides,  vitamin group B, minerals, and trace elements (BCAA).

With over 35 years of advantages in continuous and fed-batch fermentation of pursuing maximize our yeast RNA production, Zhen-Ao built its proprietary production platform with an outstanding technical team from the United States, Germany, and China. Borrowing from our unique fermentation processes, yeast strains, and the experience being the global leading infant formula nucleotide supplier over the years, ZABT had successfully developed the “high nuclear yeast extract series” with absolutely no exogenous addition.  Our natural nucleotide (I and G) content can naturally reach 30% or higher. Our YE product performs particularly prominent in two aspects, Umami (the 5th.– umami and savory taste) and Kokumi taste sensation (the 6th.– long-lasting and fullbody richness taste). We aggregate both taste sensations into our yeast extracts, and they worked soundly in many food applications.

Product Information:

High nucleotide Yeast Extract series:
(also called High I+G Yeast Extracts) Giving a mellow kokumi/thickness sensation and refreshing umami/savory impact on your tongue, it makes the product taste smoother, extends the lasting time longer in the mouth, coordinates the overall product flavor, balances odor, and improves the taste.  The product characteristic is clean and neutral.  Zhen-Ao’s High Nucleotide Yeast Extract could also reduce salt in the applications and is a perfect match in snack foods, meat products, seasoning, dressing, gravy, soup stock, soup base, cheese, instant foods, braised or pot-stewed products, hot pot base and savoring flavoring agents.

RE: Nature occurring I+G from 6%~32%

There are 2 forms: powder and paste.
-Salt reduction by 35%~50%.
-Capable to mask KCl (Potassium Chloride) and other off-tastes.
-100% soluble, high clarity in the water.

ItemDescriptionNatural I+G %NaCl %Umami Intensity Low1 to High 5
ZH0608Cream Color, Rich in I+G>6%<1%1
ZH08/20 (w/NaCl)Cream Color, Rich in I+G≈8%≈20%1
ZH1012Cream Color, Rich in I+G>10%<1%2
ZH12/05 (w/NaCl)Cream Color, Rich in I+G≈12%≈5%2
ZH12/19 (w/ NaCl)Cream Color, Rich in I+G≈12%≈20%3
ZH1416FCream Color, Rich in I+G>14%<1%4
ZH14/19 (w/NaCl)Cream Color, Rich in I+G≈14%≈20%4
ZH1820SCream Color, Rich in I+G, Standard taste with clean and neutral profile>18%<1%5
ZH1820CCream Color, Rich in I+G, Meaty taste>18%<1%5
ZH1820ACream Color, Rich in I+G, rich in succinic acid.>18%<1%5
ZH1721/20 (w/NaCl)Cream Color, Rich in I+G17~21%≈20%5

Product Information:

Flavoring Yeast Extract series:
Providing specific sensations, making the product react with certain food applications.  It enhances the original taste profile of the food applications and increases the depth of certain flavors.  At the same time, it has the effect of reducing salt usage and nutrition fortified function. Can be used to improve the taste and to thicken in categories of bakeries, cold drinks, dairy products, meat products soups, stuffing mix, and other fields with an excellent thickening effect.

-There are 2 forms: powder and paste.
-Stable, great for Maillard reactions (メイラード反応)
-Low sodium chloride content.
-100% soluble, high clarity in the water.


ZLMLight yellow powder and brown pasteStandard Yeast Extract≤ 1.0
ZLHDark brown powder or brown pasteRoasted Caramel Flavor≤ 1.0
ZLH2Darker brown powder or brown pasteRoasted Caramel Bitter Flavor≤ 1.0

Product Features

  • Clean Labels
  • Rich in natural vitamins + minerals
  • None of Animal Origin (NAO)
  • Allergen-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Water-soluble
  • Heat Resistance
  • Salt reduction
  • Taste coordination
  • Balance Off-tastes
  • Microaggregates powder
  • Vegetarian OK

Product Qualification

  • HALAL and KOSHER certification
  • B.R.C. (British Retail Consortium) certification
  • HACCP certification and QS license

Global Trend – Salt Reduction

With the development of medical science and WHO’s strong advocacy, the world is on a low salt-diet/reduction trend. A rough statistic in 2012 showed that over 200 million Chinese suffered from hypertension and related blood vessel disease, and the number is incremented by 10 million people every year. One major and the most direct factor is high sodium consumption. Our kidney helps to remove unwanted fluids by filtering our blood, and any extra fluid will be sucked out.   A high salt diet raises the amount of sodium in our blood and destroys its delicate balance, lowering the functionality of your kidney to remove the water. The result is high blood pressure and an extra burden on the kidney.

According to a new guideline of W.H.O.:

The average adult should intake no more than 5 grams of salt or 2 grams of sodium per day.

Our research has shown today’s average salt consumption by region:

  • Europeans and Americans consume about 9 grams of salt per day.
  • Indians consume about 9.3 grams of salt per day.
  • Chinese (urban population) consumes about 11.3 grams of salt per day and 17 grams of salt per day for the population in some suburban areas.

It’s time to stop your high salt consumption!

Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech offers a great solution to achieve salt reduction! Because of its strong flavor-enhancing capability, you can taste the enhanced saltiness even if you just add a tiny bit of salt. As a result, we proudly announce that Zhen-Ao’s High Nucleotides Yeast Extract could reduce salt usage by 35%-50%.  Less Salt, but tastes even better!