Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) | Nucleotides | Yeast Extracts | Animal Nutrition

Yeast Extracts

Our yeast extracts perform particularly prominent in umami/savory taste sensation and kokumi taste sensation with neutral and clean tasting characteristics. It is a great solution to use in many different types of applications.

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Animal Nutrition

Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech uses proprietary yeast fermentation and drying platforms for animal nutritional products. Our product characteristics are naturally rich in crude protein, vitamins, peptides, RNA, Nucleotides, cell walls, and minerals.

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As a type of nutrition enhancer, 5′-Nucleotide is used in the applications of infant formula and nutrition supplements. Our Nucleotides uses yeast RNA as the raw material. Its product quality and production process are fully compliant with FCC standards.

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Ribonucleic Acid

Our RNA has earned trust and recognition from customers around the globe and has established outstanding marketing achievements in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare products and many applications.

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