Product Inspection

For all materials involved in the formulation, will strictly follow customer specifications and inspection requirements; As for the mixed premix pack, will strictly follow the specifications and customer requirements for inspection, and to issue a report.

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Nucleotide nutrition package can be customized according to customer’s request, as small as a few 100g/unit packaging (such as bags), large to 25 kg/unit packaging (such as bags, barrels) can be achieved.

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Formula Confidentiality

Your formula is safe here.  Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech strictly follows customer specified request to our production, and all statistics, figures, and formulas are strictly protected.  (NDA/CDA will be arranged).

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Blending Operation

Strictly follows the operation and management of food cGMP norms.

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Blending Environment

The entire blending operation is held in Grade-D cleanroom or Class 100,000 which is built in line with the international standard and maintains a positive pressure at all time to prevent unfiltered air coming in.

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Blending Capacity

Zhen-Ao equipped with a variety of small to large dry blenders and we can fulfill most of the customer’s requests, such as 0.1M³, 0.8M³, 1.5 M³, 2.0 M³, and 3.0 M³ etc.

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Tailor-Made Premix

In response to the needs of different customers, our company wholeheartedly provides customers with tailor-made premixing services (dry mixing) in accordance with scientific methods and strict operating procedures for two types of our products:

  • – Formulated Mixed Nucleotides
  • – Flavor Solutions with Yeast Extracts

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Share with us!  We carefully listen to what our clients need, treat each project as a high priority, and offer professional evaluation in the related regulation, technical feasibility, and cost evaluation.

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