Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech


About Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech (ZABT) - a solution provider for RNA, Yeast and Nucleotides

With over 40 years of yeast RNA fermentation expertise and a team of seasoned flavor experts, ZABT has established itself as one “High and New-Technology Enterprise (HNTE)” in China. By producing yeast RNA, 5′-Nucleotides, and high-nucleotide yeast extracts with perfectly balanced umami and kokumi profiles and a clean taste, ZABT is driving innovation in the industry.

-embraced with technology innovation and quality control

Moreover, ZABT consistently meets the highest standards of quality and food safety. The company holds over 30 production permits across multiple industries, including food additives, natural flavor ingredients, human health and animal nutrition ingredients, yeast products, and more. This breadth of experience allows ZABT to serve a diverse range of clients and earn a positive reputation as a trusted supplier to top international food and beverage companies worldwide.

Additionally, ZABT is guided by the belief of “Adopting life sciences for human health.”  To this end, the company invests heavily in R&D, employs the best talents, offers reliable products and services, fulfills its social responsibilities, and operates sustainably for the environment. These efforts have led ZABT to be chosen as the 5′-nucleotide supplier for four of the world’s top five infant formula brands.

“Quality is not act.  It is a habit.” ~Aristotle

With its relentless focus on quality, strict food safety protocols, and commitment to life sciences, ZABT is well-positioned for continued success in the years to come. ZABT is a true leader in the industry, driving innovation, and improving human health through its dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Ram Chaudhari​ of Fortitech, Inc.

Endorsement & Recognition

Former Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer of Fortitech, Inc.

“As the Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Research and Development at Fortitech Inc, I had the opportunity to lead my team in the search for a reputable nucleotide supplier for infant formula. Our objective was to find a company with a robust quality control program that adheres to cGMP, GLP, and US food safety regulations.

After reviewing numerous companies in China, Japan, and other countries, Zhen-Ao emerged as the best manufacturer in terms of product purity and quality, advanced equipment, and exceptional technological and analytical processes. Their nucleotides were found to be of exceptional quality and have demonstrated impressive results in various products, including infant formula. Having a supplier of such excellence, offering full customer support, and taking full responsibility for their products, creates a mutually beneficial relationship.

I am confident that, with its current management team and high-quality nucleotides that surpass FDA requirements, Zhen-Ao will continue to succeed and contribute to the improvement of infant nutritional products globally.

I extend my best wishes for their continued success and a healthier future for all.”