A friendly visit of a great scientist- Dr. Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel Prize, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover visited Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech

In a beautiful and blossoming season on April 25, 2018, Dalian, China, was graced by the presence of esteemed guests – the 26th to 28th Nobel Prize scientists who were warmly welcomed by Dalian ZHEN-AO at the magnificent Bio-Valley.

This momentous occasion provided an incredible opportunity for Zhen-Ao, the world’s top supplier of food-grade RNA and 5’-nucleotides for infant formula, to engage in fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange with these distinguished scientists. Their expertise spanned the fields of biology, cell engineering, and enzyme engineering, and Zhen-Ao eagerly listened to their invaluable insights and scientific achievements.

One of the honored guests was Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 2004. During his visit to Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech’s RNA and nucleotide production workshop, he was deeply impressed by the company’s rigorous management and operational model, as well as the unwavering commitment to product safety.

A particularly touching moment was when Dr. Aaron, an Israeli Jewish citizen, learned about Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech’s approval by Badatz Kosher. Expressing his admiration, he praised the company and its products wholeheartedly. The Badatz Kosher certification holds immense significance as it reflects the company’s dedication to maintaining exceptional product quality, catering specifically to the needs of certain Jewish groups.

Zhen-Ao’s focus on meticulous customer care shines through in their thoughtful consideration of unique dietary requirements, making their products stand out not just for their excellence but also for their inclusivity.

The visit of these Nobel Prize scientists was a testament to Zhen-Ao’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the biotechnology industry. Their engagement with such luminaries further solidifies Zhen-Ao’s position as a global leader in providing high-quality products that positively impact the lives of people around the world, particularly infants who benefit from their cutting-edge RNA and nucleotide solutions.

As the refreshing breeze of knowledge and inspiration swept through Dalian that day, Zhen-Ao Bio-Valley and its esteemed guests left an indelible mark on the landscape of scientific progress and international collaboration. The fruitful exchange of ideas has undoubtedly opened up new horizons and paved the way for even greater advancements in the biotechnology realm.