Dr. Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel Prize, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover visited Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech

On April 25, 2018, in Dalian, China,  in this refreshing and flower blooming season, Dalian ZHEN-AO ushered the 26th to 28th Nobel Prize scientists to visit Zhen-Ao Bio-Valley. They were:

Dr. Edvard Moser: 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Professor of Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Dr. Michael Levitt: 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Professor of Stanford University, USA
Dr. Aaron Ciechanover: 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Academician of the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities.

As a top supplier of food-grade RNA and 5’-nucleotides for infant formula in the world, Zhen-Ao is honored to be able to exchange ideas with world-class scientists and exchange experiences in the fields of biological, cell engineering and enzyme engineering, and listen to the valuable insight of their scientific achievements!

Among them, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004, visited Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech’s RNA and nucleotide production workshop and expressed heartfelt praise for our rigorous management and operation model and product safety.

After hearing that Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech has approved by Badatz Kosher, Dr. Aaron, an Israeli Jewish citizen, thumbed up and praised Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech and its products.  He clearly understood that although Badatz Kosher was not used broadly, the certification is indeed a symbol of outstanding product and an allowance badge for high-quality products to serve some specific Jewish groups more specifically. This also reveals Zhen-Ao carefully imbedded our meticulous customer’s care in our products!